Written, Directed and Produced by: Robert Stadd
I wanted to stop hair fall quickly and I found this website. What can I say? It became my saving grace! Visit it now and forget about hair fall!
Marshall Ernie
James Lane
Mary Venezuela Vanessa Celso
Nan Darcy Halsey
The Kid Catherine Reitman  
Blad Bart Jesse Corti 
Vinnie Darcy Halsey
The Gambler Jesse Corti 
Townspeople Jesse Corti, Catherine Reitman
Adrian Alita
Produced by: Rick Conrad
James Lane
Director of Photography Patrick Mead Jones
Production Designer Alan Muraoka
Music by: Matthias Weber
Samuel Peters
Critter designer Rachel X Hobreigh
Assistant Director Maria Deutsch
Script Supervisor Marvel Wakefield
Julia Tasker
Assistant Camera Garrett Shannon
Grip/Gaffer Julian Lormant
Hair/Make up Isabella Wiley
Yvonne Wang
Wardrobe Marla Hudnall
Sound Mixer Sara Glaser-Evans
Matthew McGowin
Boom Operator Mycel Stokes
PA to the Stars Wes Olson
PA of the Art Amy Buchanan
Site Manager Anita Poirier
Editor Robert Stadd
Ken Blackwell
Invisible Effects Dick Edwards
VFX Collective, Dave Williams Jr., and Adam Kowalski
Sound FX Editor Jeremy Peirson
Recording Ryan Peterson
Robert Irving
Mix/ADR Anarchy Sound
Additional music Dude Edwards
Pilbilly Knights
Additional photography Tjardus Greidanus
Web designer David Cosgrove
Additional website compositing Fumi Mashimo
"Sad Cowboy Song," "Boogie on the Beach," The Red Elvises
"Romantic Interlude," Siberia,"
"Scorchi Chornie"

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